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Old school SEO and a take down request

Way back in 2009 I put an image up that I called "Floating Rose", and I used many of the tactics for SEO available back then just as a learning experience. It was a tremendously successful experience and this image stayed on the front page of Google Image Search for "Floating Rose" for years.


Floating rose



Last month imagine my surprise when, on a whim, I did an image search for "Floating Rose" again and BAM it's still on the front page. I was ecstatic that old school SEO continued to work on a four year old fairly generic post!

Until I looked closer and realized that my image was now showing up because it was being used on someone else's store front without attribution or purchase; a clear violation of my Creative Commons License.

Now this isn't a post about licensing, in fact the site's owner was very cooperative and took the image down without incident.

So here I am with an opportunity to explore new SEO tactics to see if I can my own image back to the front page of all the search engines. Time will tell, let's start the fun!